Hello ! I am SEYAR AYAR your driving instructor at Smart Learner Driving School

Hi, I am Seyar.I have been a driving instructor for the past six years. I am father of three gorges kids. my students call me Sam.I am a patient and calm natured driving instructor. I treat my students more as friends. Throughout my career as a driving instructor I have catered to all age students from suburbs around Sydney. Most of my students were new learners and I can proudly say all of them are safer and confident drivers now. I have to acknowledge that learning driving is not easy, but everyone has the capability to learn driving. Driving skills can be learnt with practice and patience however you need a qualified driving instructor to train you. The learning process is different from person to person, that’s why I specifically focus on my students’ needs and I always appreciate my student’s feedback. if you are happy to book me for your driving lesson, I am ready to teach you the required skills to make you safer and confident driver on the roads.

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Driving Instructor