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 Smart Learner Driving School Caters Driving Lessons For New Learners And All Ages , Learn Driving From Scratch Or Get Prepared To Pass Your Driving Test

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"Smart learner Driving School has affordable driving lessons packages that suits your time and budget.let Smart learner driving instructor deliver you the essential driving skills to confidently pass your driving test or simple upgrade your driving skills and be a confident and safer driver on the roads. with Smart learner driving school.,Learning driving has been easier. Smart learner diving lessons are designed to meet the learners needs and requirements for being a safer and confident driver. we guarantee your success. "

Our Services

Providing quality driving lessons

providing intensive driving lessons

catering learners for their RMS driving test

driving training

catering driving lessons packages

driving school special lessons

RMS Accredited Driving Instructors

all our driving instructors are RMS accredited driving instructors to conduct your driving lessons.

all our cars are installed with dual control however a learner wish to obtain his driving lessons in his car, no problem we can help

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Driving Lessons around your time

we provide our driving lessons based on your schedule so you can manage to have your driving lessons around your time


Our admin team Provides obligation free consultation for  learners and their families to help them choose best driving lessons packages that suites their needs. however if not happy with your driving lesson we reimburse the fund also you can cancel your driving package at any time.

Our Packages Of Your Choice

book a diriving lesson with smart learnerdriving school

Single Hour Driving Lesson, 

60 Mints

Each lesson starts with a new topic followed by complete one hour practice. The driving school will provide a complete lesson planner to the student over 25 or students with an overseas license. The Price of this lesson is $60

assess my driving skills with smart learner driving school

Assess My Driving,

 90 Mints

The duration for this package is one and half an hour. If you are planing to obtain your driving test and are not sure about your driving ability. we advise you to book our one and a half hour driving assessment package. This package helps you to increase your success rate.In this package you will be picked from your home and complete a test route. your driving instructor will specifically explain the fail items and practice with you the solutions. 

with this package most of our students fixed their last minutes mistakes and learned the driving test requirements.. the cost of this package is and can only be used once$80

get your p's in 3 hours driving lesson with smart learner driving school

Get Me The P's,

3 Hours

3 hours driving lessons  are best for someone who has completed 100 to 120 hours of his/her log book. Also, it is best for students who want to be prepared for their driving test. First hour is a general assessment of students driving skills. The assessment will be undertaken around suburban roads and main roads with simple traffic. The second and third hour will go over all mistakes and further practice. The Price of 3 hours driving lessons is $160

Your Driving Instructor

Hi, I am Seyar. I am father of three gorgeous kids. I have been a driving instructor for the past six years. I am a patient and calm natured driving instructor. I treat my students more as friends. Throughout my career as a driving instructor I have catered to all age students from suburbs around Sydney. Most of my students were new learners and I can proudly say all of them are safer and confident drivers now. I have to acknowledge that learning driving is not easy, but everyone has the capability to learn to drive safely. Driving skills can be learnt with practice and patience however you need a qualified driving instructor to train you. The learning process is different from person to person, that’s why I specifically focus on my students’ needs and I always appreciate my student’s feedback.

confidently pass your driving test with six hours driving lessons package

Confidently Pass My Driving Test,  6 Hours

6 hours driving lessons are best for someone who has done between 50 to 100 hours driving. This course assesses students driving skills and weaknesses. During the lessons students will acquire the skills which, they need to pass their driving test and be a safer and confident driver on the roads. The fifth lesson is designed as a demo test. It is similar to RMS actual driving test followed by practice of the weaknesses. The benefit of this package is that students have enough time to practice their weaknesses and be prepared for their driving test. However, the chances of passing their driving test at first attempt are very high. the cost of this package is $350 

Road User Hand book.jpg

My First Driving Course, 10 Hours

Duration for this course is 10 hours driving lessons. Best for new learners. New learners usually lose control over the vehicle and fail to respond in a sudden situation which is highly unsafe. All our vehicles are installed with dual controls and our instructors are taught to deal with the situation and maintain safety.This course acquires the basic skills such as vehicle control, how to maintain safety on the road and driving in simple traffic.The outcome is to make the learner a safer driver. the cost of this course is


20 hours driving lessons with smart learner driing school

Accelerated Driving Lessons Complete Driving Course 

20 Hours

For the first time amongs driving schools Smart Learner Driving School is introducing accelerated driving lessons. If you are planning to get your licence by end of the month and be a confident driver on the roads no worries, we will cater it for you. In this package we give you specific attention and manage to provide bookings based on your schedule. To achieve the best results we will promise to make available at least six hours driving lessons per week. From

$49 /per hour.

White Car Overhead

Hire Car For Driving Test

This package is for students who need to use school’s car for their driving test. This package includes pickup and drop off plus one hour practice. One hour practice will be around the RMS where your test is booked. The practice will focus on student’s weaknesses and how to correct them. This practice is a key element of students’ success on the driving test as the mistakes and fail items with the tips to correct them are explained. the cost of this package is $170

having an overseas driving licence

Having An Overseas Driving Licence

Let us help you learn road rules  and Australian driving license expectations. Please chose our 3 Hrs lessons package. through this package you will learn and acquire the driving skills which you need to pass successfully your driving test and convert your licence to full Australian licence.

Learners Review


Corey, Driving lessons with Sam

the  driving lessons I had with Sam was amazing, I have learnt a lot and passed my driving test. strongly recommend Sam to others.


Alyan, Supportive Driving Instructor

for me learning driving was absolutely impossible, but i am thank - full to Sam for helping me learn driving.


Luke, Having fun learning driving

with just six hours driving lessons i have passed my driving test it was fun having driving lessons with Sam

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Smart Learner Driving Instructor Conducts Driving Lessons In The Following Suburbs To Choose Your Driving Lessons Package Or Intensive Driving Lessons Or Just a Single Hour Driving Session  Book Online Or Call US On 0429303330

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